Wide Selection of Sealy Mattresses in Alabama

The Importance Of A Good Night’s Rest

Mattress Depot has been serving Alabama since 2005, and ever since then we’ve been dedicated to providing our valued customers with not just a mattress, but also a good night’s sleep. We’re happy to say that our collection of Sealy mattresses offers an incredible level of comfort for anybody who needs it!

It’s universally understood that consistent, quality sleep is one of the most important factors toward a person’s mental and physical well-being. Psychologists and medical professionals generally agree that getting at least seven or eight hours of restful sleep is essential for anybody over the age of 18. Yet, recent polls suggest that 40% of Americans regularly get less than seven hours of sleep per night.

There are many things people can do to get themselves a much better night’s rest, but perhaps the best method is to get a better mattress. Sealy mattresses are designed using the latest research to offer buyers the best combination of support and comfort, allowing former night owls to lay their heads to rest and sleep peacefully for the whole night.

About Sealy Mattresses

Sealy is one of the most trusted brands in the country, offering a wide variety of mattress styles to fit the comfort needs of just about anybody.

At Mattress Depot, we offer the following series:

Harbor Collection – Though this mattress collection uses a standard coil spring system for support, the final product is anything but standard. With individually wrapped coils to stop any bumping or motion across the surface, these Queen Size beds are perfect for couples looking to take their level of support and luxury to the next level. The following models are available: Willow – Plush, Willow – Firm, Laurelia – Pillow Top.

Sealy Optimum – Get ready to revolutionize the way you sleep forever! Each mattress in our Optimum collection features cooling gel foam through every square inch, creating the most comfortable sleeping surface on the market. Several memory foam designs, including OptiCool®, OptiSense®, and Gel OptiCore™ Plus are crafted to retain heat, creating a cool sleeping surface while simultaneously hugging your body. Each model is seriously comfortable: Destiny Gold, Radiance Gold, Inspiration Gold, Elation Gold, Gel Latex.

Why Mattress Depot?

Here, we realize that each and every person has their own unique needs when it comes to sleep. Everybody needs a certain level of comfort and support in order to get the optimal resting environment for their body type. That’s why we offer many different types of surfaces and supports, from the traditional springs, to plush pillow tops, to the latest in memory foam technology. Because we believe that everybody deserves quality sleep and the best level of health, we make sure to offer our entire selection at the most affordable prices.

We keep our entire selection in stock at each and every one of our various locations. If you’re ready to get your new mattress, please come visit us today!

Is your creaky, unsupportive mattress a waking nightmare? Make your sleep a priority by replacing raggedy cushions and futons with Sealy mattresses. Mobile, AL residents find the pillows and mattresses they need at Mattress Depot at Mobile & Semmes. With our wide selection of sleep products, you can achieve a good night’s sleep with mattress brands you can trust.

If you are ready to stop tossing and turning and start sinking into a deep sleep on a luxurious queen mattress, Alabama customers can learn about the features and specifications of each of our mattress products below.

Harbor Collection – Willow – Plush

Queen size starting at $749

Revolutionize your sleeping experience with the luxurious comfort of the Sealy Harbor Collection Willow Plush. With an innovative design that provides soft luxurious feel and superior support, this state of the art pillow will support your neck with unparalleled softness. With our name brand pillows and Sealy mattresses, you can finally get a good night’s rest.

Sealy Willow Plush Mattress in Alabama


  • Double Tempered Steel Alloy Pocketed Coils – The coil system is made of durable double-tempered steel alloy. There are 825 Coils in our queen-size Harbor Collection mattresses, promising a long life for your purchase.

  • Pocketed Coil Design – These individually wrapped coils eliminate motion transfer between partners while offering additional contouring support.

  • Enhanced Comfort and Body Contouring – Versare Inner Panel and Soft HD foams create this soft, but durable upholstery layering.

  • Soft and Breathable Fabrics – Soft and highly breathable sleep surface.

  • Warranty – 10 Year Non-Prorated

Harbor Collection – Laurelia – Pillow Top

Queen size starting at $849

It used to be that you had to choose between comfort and support when buying their new mattresses, but not any more! The new Harbor Collection provides the best of both worlds by combining elements from two of the most popular cushion brands ever made. For example, the queen-sized Willow Firm has a comfortable firm feel and sturdy support that customers can enjoy for several years. Individually wrapped coils within the mattress’ interior conform to your body to reduce motion on the mattress, allow you to achieve a more restful night’s sleep. A combination of Innovative designs and upgraded cushioning materials make this an extremely supportive, comfortable, and durable choice for every customer.

Sealy Willow Plush Mattress in Alabama


  • Stearns & Foster Core Wrapped Coil System – An Extremely durable innerspring from the Stearns & Foster Core Luxfor long-lasting comfort performance.

  • Individually Wrapped Coil Design – Individually Wrapped coils move independently eliminating motion transfer between sleepers offering a better night’s sleep for couples.

  • Enhanced Comfort and Body Contouring – Luxury Firm cushioning materials from Sealy Posturepedic enhance comfort and conformablility for a comfortable night’s sleep.

  • Soft and Breathable Fabrics – Soft and highly breathable sleep surface with FlameGuard™ Fire Protection Fibers.

  • Warranty – 10 Year Non-Prorated (full replacement coverage for all 10 years)

Sealy Optimum

Cooling Gel Foam from Top to Bottom

Optimum™ by Sealy PosturepedicOUTLAST® is the first mattress on the market to feature cooling gel foam from top to bottom. This mattress is designed to provide optimal temperature and comfort plus smart technology integration for deep, relaxing, restorative sleep.

Sealy Optimum Destiny Gold

Queen Size Starting at $1074

Sealy Destiny Gold Memory Foam meattress at mattress depot

2″ OptiCool® Gel Memory Foam with OUTLAST® Gold

The Optimum® difference can be felt from the very first touch. This queen size mattress’ OptiCool® Gel Memory Foam is noticeably cooler because it is fused with OUTLAST® Gold material, a fiber that is 12 times more effective at removing excess heat than other materials. The result is a mattress that stays cool while you slumber, helping you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. This product is the only mattress in the market to contain OptiCool® Gel Memory Foam.

This material is proven to improve temperature retention and cooling in a variety of products. In addition to bedding, OUTLAST® material is used in high performance outdoor gear, undergarments, and even footwear for superior temperature regulation.

1″ OptiSense® Gel Memory Foam

This material is a layer of body-hugging, gel-infused memory foam that conforms to your body’s unique contour and weight, creating the feeling that your mattress was made just for you. This customizability allows for more comfortable, deeper sleep.

7″ Gel OptiCore™

The bottom layer of your mattress is our patented gel OptiCore.™ This cushioning of firmer, higher-density gel foam provides essential deep-down support that allows you to sleep through the night

Sealy Optimum Radiance Gold

Queen Size Starting at $1474

Sealy Radiance mattress in mobile al

2″ OptiCool® Gel Memory Foam with OUTLAST® Gold

This memory foam product helps retain and release heat to help you fall asleep at a more comfortable sleeping temperature. As measured over a 20 minute period, OptiCool® Gel Memory Foam helps users falls asleep faster and stay asleep longer.

2″ OptiSense® Gel Memory Foam

The soft and flexible OptiSense® memory foam hugs your body in order to create a custom mattress fit. Your bedding will be store-bought, but it will feel custom-made.

7″ Gel OptiCore™

The bottom layer, our patented gel OptiCore™, provides essential deep-down support. This section, made of firmer, higher-density gel foam, provides a feeling of deep support to allow you to sleep soundly throughout the night.

Sealy Optimum Inspiration Gold

Queen Size Starting at $1774

sealy inspiration mattresses for sale in mobile al

2″ OptiCool® Gel Memory Foam with OUTLAST® Gold

Not every mattress can attain optimal coolness and comfort. With OptiCool® Gel Memory Foam, your new mattress is imbibed with the cool temperature and soft comfort you’ve always craved. This product is constructed from OUTLAST® Gold material, which is 12 times more effective at removing excess heat than other memory foams. As a result, you are lulled to sleep in the perfect combination of hot and cold, soft and firm.

3″ OptiSense® Gel Memory Foam

This layer of memory foam allows the mattress to mold itself to your body contour every time you fall asleep. The flexible, form-hugging nature of this material remains no matter how many times you lay down, and when you awake it always returns to its original shape.

7″ Gel OptiCore™

The bottom layer, our patented gel OptiCore™, provides essential deep-down support. This section, made of firmer, higher-density gel foam, provides a feeling of deep support to allow you to sleep soundly throughout the night